NowArt 2018-2019

Two splendid new locations for a gallery which is a point of reference for established and emerging artists from all over Italy, not only for its personnel specialised in art, but also for its true love for the fine arts, a driving factor for the continuous growth of the business. The Diocesan Museum of the Cathedral of Salerno is located in the historical ex-Archbishop’s seminary, which was previously the last base of the Salerno Medical School (closed in 1811) and plays an important role in understanding the history and culture of the Campania region from the Medieval period until the 18th century. It is now one of the most important cultural institutions in the city and province of Salerno, the home of precious works of art which are examples of local artistic production from the Medieval period up to the seventeenth century.

In the Santa Caterina Hall in MuDiSalerno, InArte Werkkunst Gallery exhibited the works from the third edition of NOWART, which saw the presence of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the Governor of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca and the Mayor of Salerno Vincenzo Napoli for the vernissage that was held on 6 December at 6.30 p.m.

The second step at the German gallery is aimed at providing the artists with an opportunity to exhibit at a new location with an international bent. Werkkunst Gallery arrived in Hamburg in August 2018, eager to become a new cultural centre in the city. As well its main role as an art gallery, the aim is to bring together fine arts, music, theatre, new media and, naturally, the community. Werkkunst Gallery offers artists an alternative to exhibitions in the mainstream gallery scene, with open invitations for group and solo exhibitions, curating and promoting events with specialised media and press, and providing consultancy services regarding prices.

The participating artists:
Alessio Mariani, Andrea Riccò, Anna Gubellini, Antonio De Pasquale, Antonio Pallotta, Carmelo Pluchino, Cecilia Passeri, Clara De Santis, Clara Putignano, Claudio Pezzini, Connie Sciacca, Daniela Moretti, Dimitri Milesi, Edoardo Maria Ferrari, Elena Borboni, Eleonora Gianfermi, Elvira Sirio, Emmanuela Zavattaro, Nahalan (Enault Cliette), Ettore Marinelli, Fernando Stufano, Francesca Falli, Francesca Morlacchi, Francesco Loliva, Franco Donzelli, Gianluca Giuseppe Seregni, Gilda Pantuliano, Giorgio Bertazzoli, Giorgio Melis, Giulio Centurelli, Giuseppe Carabetta, Giuseppe Faretina, Haejin Yoo, Igor Moretti, Igor Panchuk, Ivan Picenni, Laura Raimondi Evalli, Lisa Yachia, Marco Ceruti, Mario Salvo, Michele Molin, Natalia Elena Massi, Paolo Cattaneo, Paolo Stefanelli, Patrick Dalli, Raffaella Di Benedetto, Renato Sartoretto, Roberto Carlocchia, Rodolfo Savoia, Rossella Eller, Rossella Marmo, Samuele Arcangioli, Stefano Donato, Tommaso Arscone, Yuriy Falendysh, Wolfgang Thiele..



6 december 2018
6 january 2019


Werkkunst Gallery
Eppendorfer Weg 235

4-24 may 2019

Winners of the Salerno Diocesan Museum edition

Winners of the Werkkunst Gallery edition

Awards - Bergamo, 15 june 2019

NowArt Amburgo - 4 may 2019

NowArt Salerno - 6 december 2018

All artists will receive a certificate of attendance, in addition to the publication of the registered artworks in the magazine NOWART MAGAZINE dedicated to the event.

InArte WK’s staff consists mainly of art experts in modern and contemporary art and performs international evaluations and certifications. InArte WK is one of the Italian headquarters of the European Artistic Experts Association.

InArte WK joined ArtPrice, the world leader in art market communication, through which it is possible to gain recognition in a worldwide market position, from 2016 InArte Werkkunst is Auction House.

The NOWART event is proposed as indispensable for all those artists who want to have a recognition and a position in the contemporary art market as well as a substantial enrichment of their own artistic curriculum.